Ah the beauty of June … the warm weather (it is 10 degrees colder than normal again), the sunshine (did I mention it was raining AGAIN?), oh, and annual reviews.  The most dreaded part of the year by any manager … so much time, so much documentation, it is like finals before school is out for the summer!

      So I need to focus quickly on something good – of course that would be my son! (sorry husband!)  Over the last couple of weeks Carter has been making animal noises.  Ask him what a kitty says, he gives you a meow.  How about a cow?  You would get a moo.  He will tell you the noise for dog, duck, lion (the roar is adorable), sheep, and horse.  We are still working on a fish (bluoop bluoop), but he will respond accurately for you for any of those critters.  He also says motorcycle like avocado “Mowoahwoahwoah” and is tasting any word you throw at him.  I say he tastes it because you can actually watch him feel the word out in his mouth – it is a fascinating process to witness.

      Last night Carter decided he wanted to climb up on the kitchen chair.  Mind you, our kitchen table is counter height, so our chairs are extremely tall (probably a good 2.5-3 feet off the ground).  He maneuvered his way up on top, then decided to keep going until he was standing up.  Yeah, if that doesn’t make you panic…  Oh, he has also gotten a lot more physical about communicating his wants and needs.  He grabbed my hand, pulled me off the couch so that I was standing, put his arms in the air and said, “UP.”  When I picked him up, the then pointed to where he wanted me to go.  Or if I am standing at the sink doing dishes and he wants me to go somewhere, he will stand between the sink and I and starts pushing me in the direction he wants me to go.

      But the best part is I am now regularly called “Mom” Smile