Every year we get together with Denise, March, Domenic, and Cole to celebrate Christmas. This year we were able to actually make it before the holiday and the boys were a riot to watch. Little feet running everywhere, toys immediately pulled out and played with, and eyes all lit up … by the green light sabers that my boys received. Here are a bunch of photos from the day.

      <Donuts and cheesy smiles>AllBoyChristmas-01AllBoyChristmas-02<Because who wouldn’t want a sprinkle hanging from their nose like a green booger?>AllBoyChristmas-03AllBoyChristmas-04AllBoyChristmas-08AllBoyChristmas-05AllboyChristmasPortraits-4AllBoyChristmas-09AllboyChristmasPortraits-3AllBoyChristmas-10AllBoyChristmas-11<Best gift ever … they light up, they make noises, they can destroy my house … hey wait a second here…>AllboyChristmasPortraits-2AllBoyChristmas-06AllboyChristmasPortraits-1AllBoyChristmas-12<No visit is complete without Auntie Denise tickling and flipping the boys around>AllboyChristmasPortraits-5AllBoyChristmas-07AllboyChristmasPortraits-6Cole


      The sprinkle in Gavin’s nose….. killing me!! :-)