After getting home on Saturday from our Monterey trip, I thought that things would start calming down again for us and we would be getting back on a normal routine.  Ha.  Sunday I had dessert making with the Moms in the neighborhood, Monday I played soccer, Tuesday we went to the Farmers Market and I got Carter into the pediatrician, Wednesday we were at the Zoo all day and then stayed for the Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert that night, Thursday we ran errands at BRU and Costco, and tomorrow Carter and I leave for the soccer tournament up north this weekend.  I think I am ready to have nothing planned again, cause I am tired!

      Couple of wonderful things to report – Carter went 6.5 hours and then 3 hours last night/this morning!  Granted, he spend half of the 6.5 hours in the swing (only thing that would keep him down), but we will tackle on thing at a time. First thing, getting used to not eating.  Once that is done, we will transition him over to staying in his bed all night.

      Second thing … Grandma and I learned a lesson the hard way a couple of times with Costco.  If you see something you like, you need to buy it then and there.  No “thinking about it” and coming back later.  Every time we have done that, the item we want is GONE.  Case in point – around Mothers Day we both decided that yes, we will spring for the rock waterfall that they had after thinking about it for around a week.  When we went to purchase it – they were all gone.  ALL OF THEM.  And apparently they are seasonal, they likely would not be carried in the store again.  To say we were disappointed was an understatement.  Well, at our Costco trip today where we were looking for some wicker baskets that I had previously purchased and Grandma wanted (they fit in the motorhome perfectly), we rounded a corner and BAM!  They had 3 rock waterfalls!!!  I wrote down the item number, paid for it, and my lovely husband went and picked it up after he got home from work.   WOOOWHOOO!!  (Bad note – baskets were gone)