I do really love having the opportunity to work from home and the ability to pause for a moment to take a photo out my window. The fall is so colorful this year – or maybe I am enjoying it more because the views I have of our new yard showcase trees of all varieties. Here is a peek at our flagstone patio, stream and waterfall into our pond, the fire pit, swing, and beautiful huge Japanese Maple that is a stunning shade of red right now.


      And I always seem to get the sunlight streaming into the other half of the yard as the sun rises. The colors are starting to really peek out and the grapes over the arbor are starting to turn purple. They are a bit tart, but it is so much fun to have grapes from our yard!



      What a blessing to be able to look out your window at such beauty. Beauty inside and beauty outside. The beauty inside is in the people.

      I love the sun in the 2nd photo. Just beautiful!