Had my first “every two week” doctors appointment today and everything is looking great!  I have been having some upper back pain over the last couple of weeks and learned why today … apparently I am carrying high.  Also given that the pulled muscle is on the right side of my back, that is the side that the baby is shoving it’s feet into.  While it is trying to push my rib cage out of the way, it ends up tweaking the muscles in my back on that side.  It was good to have it confirmed that those are feel pushing into my right rib cage, because I have been pushing back at them in meetings lately! :-)  I did find out that I could take two advil tonight to see if that will help my back a bit, but nothing more after 34 weeks.  Fingers crossed that the two I am planning on taking work!

      Other symptom that I have noticed is my ab muscles felt like they were starting to stretch a bit (they felt sore).  I figured that I was probably starting to grow outward more and when they measured me, I found out that the baby grew 3cm in two weeks!  Average growth per week is right around one cm … no wonder why my ab muscles hurt!! (they essentially measure your belly bump from bottom to top)

      Heartbeat is strong and they confirmed all my blood work looked good, so we got another green light!!