I forgot to mention another great Christmas present that I received! We drew names for the adults on my side of the family and my brother Mark drew me. I totally scored a new Sony digital photo frame! The pictures are so bright and crisp, I absolutely love it. But that wasn’t the best part – he spent several hours combing through his ENTIRE photo database to load the frame with pictures for me!

      Pictures of him.

      All 125 of them (126 if you count the one he emailed me the next day).

      How thoughtful! Of him.

      Even better, it took me FOREVER to even notice, hahahahaha! Let’s just say the wine was flowing freely that night…

      So now I am on a mission – when we got our desktop I didn’t import all my photos from the past onto it, figuring they were archived onto an external hard drive if I ever needed them. Now I want to go back to 2006 to grab photos from when Jeremy and I started dating and get them uploaded, but it is a process because I am only trying to import ones that I would care about. It reminds me that I really should do a photo purge every year and go back through everything and get rid of a ton of stuff that I just don’t care about (I don’t need 40 photos of the same waterfall, one is fine!).

      Anyway, here are two photos from when Jeremy and I went on our first day trip together, shortly after we started dating. We both look so … young. Jeremy doesn’t have any grey hair in his goatee and I have hardly any wrinkles around my eyes!