There has been a lot of fighting over the cool purple “kids” camera that we have. Gavin wants it. Carter wants it. I want peace and quiet. I realized that we had an old Canon point and shoot (12.1 megapixels!) that we never use. In fact I am pretty sure we lost it, then found it, then lost it again and finally found it. Anyway – with our Sony point and shoot, my phone, and my big girl camera, this camera is just sitting in a drawer.

      So I sat Carter down and told him that this was a grown up camera. One that he has to be very careful with – treat with respect. He cannot drop it, throw it, bang it into things. It needs to stay away from liquid and he will have to put it back in it’s case when he is not using it. And he CANNOT leave it where Gavin can get it.

      And then we talked about how you have to press the shutter down just a little bit to make sure that it focuses, then press it all the way down to take a photo. He has been practicing a ton and is starting to get shots that are more in focus. It is fun to see what he comes up with. I also delete a great deal of Lego Star Wars on TV (“I have to get a shot of C3PO, Mom.” Uhhh, okay.)


      Here is a photo he took of me sitting at the counter – I might actually FINALLY get some pictures taken of me too!CartersCamera

      Here is a photo he took of a Spider he made at school:CartersCamera-2

      Here are two photos I took of him during his “process” – I absolutely love his face as he is reviewing one picture with his nose/lip all curled up in dislike. Been there, buddy!!CarterCamera


      The photo of Carter is classic. Need to archive it like the Nikki one.