The weekend at the cabin was great – long walks through the forest service areas with the leaves changing on the trees & a nice nap afterwards because fresh air and exercise put me out!  The rest of the week was our normal routine – quilting a table running one night with my mom (who wants to get my first attempt for xmas?? Kidding – I will give it to my mom cause she can’t say no … and I will likely get hers in return).  Then watching the debates at my parents place that ended up in us getting caught up on Friday Night Lights instead.

      Last night the baby was pretty active and based on the way I was sitting, I could totally feel it!  We are now in Week 18 & I can’t believe how big it is getting!  We are now at the size of a bell pepper – five and a half inches long and now 7 ounces!

      After looking at the picture that I posted – I decided that I still just look fat and not pregnant.  A lot of it depends on what I am wearing in terms of how much you notice my waistline/stomach and I am glad that it is taking awhile for me to show … hopefully this means I won’t get too big over the entire course of the pregnancy.

      This weekend should be fun – Ian is coming over for dinner tonight, we are going to have Donna over on Saturday night to celebrate her birthday, and I am supposed to catch up with Shawna on Sunday while Jeremy braves Straddleline on the new 150 with Mark & the boys.  I better not get a call to come to the hospital … *evil eye* Mark don’t you dare taunt him into doing the "Nathan Jump" or rather, the Nathan Crash Course.


      Nothing to worry about.  Ryan will be there to show him how to ride.