Though I am not sure why …. as it will be long and exhausting for us.  I FINALLY got my darling husband to agree to paint the rest of the inside of our house.  We headed to Costco earlier this week and 16 gallons of paint later, we are ready to go.  Tonight and tomorrow morning will be the washing of walls and taping of everything.  Saturday we have Scott’s 40th birthday (HAHAHA – he is OLD!) where I will have to pretend to like the Coug’s (boooo).  For his sake, I will suck it up.  Then the rest of the weekend is painting the entry, living room, dining room, powder room, entry from the garage, media room, upstairs hall way, and den.  I think there are only 3 rooms downstairs in our house that we aren’t touching (we already painted those to get the house ready to sell).  Scary.  But it will look SO MUCH BETTER once it is done!  I will post before and after pictures so everyone can ooooh and aaaahh over the dramatic change :)

      Only thing left to do is to order the chairs for our family room & get rid of those couches in there.  After that, it’s the baby’s room and then we are set on the interior until we have the energy and money to do the major things (ie – add hardwoods throughout the first floor, remodel the kitchen, swap out all the moldings and doors). 



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