I took quite a few photos with my phone in April. And looking back, we were really busy!

      <We live near some gorgeous horse pastures that I love to walk by, grown up weekend away in Oregon, Swim Lessons, Zoo with our buddies Bruce and Addie, new Blaster gun & cleaning up>


      <Girls Roadtrip to Pullman for Mom’s Weekend! Shout out to one of my best friends Shawna – wish they had “The Beast” sticker in high school for your car, awesome wine bar, yummy coffee shop, Seinfeld show, BEST CLIP EVER, and Easter!>


      <We went Geo caching on Easter & Uncle Mark showed the boys how his GPS worked, T-Ball Practice, watching Chase play soccer, t-ball game with brunch following>


      <Found a new wine bar for my birthday, So.Many.Flowers., got our leaky faucet fixed in the greenhouse, warm weather means cacoon, and keeping the kiddos occupied at the DMV!>




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