We decided to beat the rainy gloom of our Northwest winters and headed to Scottsdale, Arizona for a long weekend. Our days started extremely early and as we drove to the airport, we spotted the not-quite-full super moon.

      When we checked in last night, we lucked out with two first class upgrades and the boys directly behind us, which meant a great start to our very early morning. The flight was quick and the scenery gorgeous.

      After landing, we got to our hotel, but our room wasn’t ready yet so we decided to head into old town Scottsdale in search of lunch and some ice cream. We spotted a man and his horse on the street doing a show and then Voltar from the movie Big (or at least that is what it looked like).

      The number one thing the boys wanted to do while we were in warmer weather was swim – so after grabbing some lunch and checking in, we headed to the pool for the afternoon. It was so bright outside – something we are not used to at all!

      We were all worn out from our 4:30am start time, so we ordered in dinner and crashed early, eager for our next day to begin! Day two we headed over to Top Golf for an early afternoon of fun, followed by a LOT more pool time later in the day and into the evening. Our walk home from dinner was the Full Super Blood Wolf Moon (or something like that). It wasn’t red, but it was really bright.