It was supposed to be quite a bit cooler today (low 60s) so we opted to go for a hike. Jeremy found a really fun one with scenic views and a lot of history that the boys could easily do without complaining. HAHAHA. Of course they complained. Before we started, we went to the Vig Restaurant to fill the boys up. Little Mister kept asking for me to take his photo, so of course I obliged.

      After eating, we headed out to Marcus Landslide Trail and learned all about mushroom rock formations and hoped the jumping cactus didn’t jump at us (I don’t think there were any, but Gavin was worried).

      Gavin decided he wanted to do some photography, so I actually got my photo taken.

      The scenery along the hike definitely did not disappoint. What started with blue skies transitioned into what looked like thunder clouds rolling around. Made for a few dramatic photos and we were lucky that they didn’t unleash the rain.

      After the cold and windy hike, the two crazies decided they wanted ice cream and then to play in the pool again. Jeremy and I perched at the firepit at the hotel while the kids swam for another couple of hours.

      We headed out to let the boys try karaoke for dinner – sadly no photos of that, though we do have some video. After a late night, we headed back to the hotel to crash before packing up the next day to head home.

      With one last stop at Top Golf for some play time and lunch, we got to see the police chase two suspects and take them down. I didn’t have a zoom camera, so no photos of it, but it was pretty impressive to see how quickly the police found the running suspects and apprehended them. And thankfully the suspects surrendered, so it didn’t end badly.

      The flight home had us upgraded to first class again with the boys directly behind us. We waved goodbye to the Arizona sunshine and then found ourselves back in the rainy northwest. All in all, it was a great get away!


      Great story and photos.

      Thanks!! Trying to get back into this style of blogging. It’s been awhile :)