Jeremy is doing a much better job on keeping up with the videos than I am with the photos. Here is the first half of our second vacation day. Since we flew in so late on Friday, we opted to just stay the night in the motorhome with my parents at Koreshan State Park. We had a little time to kill before we could check into the condo, so we took a walk through the nature trails and the historical site located there. Following that we did a Costco run and then got into the condo. Here is a quick video showing the first half of our day.

      [vimeo 85697281 w=960&h=540]


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      Jeremy, Lisa and the kids arrived. This is their first day here. Jeremy carries the tiny GFoPro everywhere with him and his videography and editing are outstanding.

      Another outstanding video from Jeremy. That GoPro is getting a real workout.