Still nothing. Though I woke up every hour or two last night, K2 was actually pretty quiet. Maybe that means he is getting ready? I still think late this week or I will be induced next week. I will keep everyone posted.

      Carter has been pretty funny here lately. Yesterday when he was trying to get between Grandma and a chair and he ran his puzzle into the chair, he goes, “For cryin’ out loud.” Eeerrrrrr, I have no idea where he could have gotten that from. Kills me that he uses these expressions in the correct context.

      He was super cute singing happy birthday to Daddy last night too. He has been really into music lately and loves trying to sing in the car.

      Here is a photo I took probably a month ago and have been meaning to post, enjoy!



      I really like that photo, but he looks 3 years old.
      I hope your blood pressure is doing ok during this waiting time.
      It was wonderful having the family together last weekend.


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