What a crazy week – so much going on & where to begin?  Most important news is that the baby is doing great – we had our ultrasounds on Thursday and there were no markers for Downs, etc. and the baby looks really healthy and is growing proportionally.  We also learned our new child is stubborn – we couldn’t get s/he to turn so that we could get a profile shot … so below you will see two "skeletor" or front facing shots and one of the foot. 

      The ultrasounds were incredible – we could see the valves of the heart, some of the internal organs, the baby’s legs kicking around like crazy, and we still don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.  We also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time in the doctor’s office.  We are now entering week 20, which is at the halfway point in the pregnancy.  The growth rate is staggering – the baby is now weighing in at 10.5 oz and is 6.5 inches long from head to bottom, and 10 inches from head to heel.  So great news on the baby front!

      Halloween was a success as well – all the kids had a great time hanging out and trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.  Melissa had the scariest costume (she went as the Jokers Nurse).  Hot chili, homemade chicken noodle soup, apple cider, "spider rolls", and Halloween cookies later – we are still trying to recover from a food coma.  We got 94 trick-or-treaters in total & the mummy only deterred a small handful of the youngest that came to the door – and then there was the screaming pre-teen that freaked every time it went off.  Jeremy’s pumpkin was a hit (I liked the ears the best).

      I finally went maternity clothes shopping this weekend with my mom – can’t hide the bump any longer and my jeans are a bit uncomfortable around the waistline now.  It is so hard to change your mind set of "oh, this fits!  I should get it!" to "oh, this fits!  But wait, I need to have room to grow into it… where is the next size?"  It’s a happy-sad feeling – happy about the growth because I am getting further along, sad because you just don’t ever want to see sizes increase.  Ever.


      Skeletor #1 – you can make out the eyes, where the left ear is, nose area & chin, and you can see the spine and ribs off to the right


      Skeletor #2 – full face


      The Foot :-)


      My 20wk profile – I tried to wear tighter clothes so you could see better.  It doesn’t do the "bump" justice though … I need to take the photo AFTER I have eaten cause it seems to push out even more then!  Plus I got yelled at that I suck it in every time we take a photo – so the one above is right after I exhaled completely (which is why I look like a dork).  I honestly have just really started to pop out in the last week or so, which is surprising to me … I figured by 20wks I would be full-on can’t miss it, she is pregnant looking.


      The spider rolls – not only creepy looking, but delicious!


      And finally, the front porch.  I probably should have taken a shot of the whole thing & not just the pumpkins … off to the right were some cornstalks and the mummy.  Off to the left is another rocking chair and some hay bails & pumpkins in between.  Look out Martha Stewart ;-)