I am finally back in the modern world with access to both my cell phone and internet again (and I have to say it was so nice to be without both). Over the next week or so I will do a bunch of blog posts about our Road Trip weekend, but in the meantime I am trying to play catch up really quick. Here are the photos that I took with my Lumia phone throughout August (and a couple of canon ones I didn’t post). Since this is really the first full month I have had my phone and we did a ton of stuff, there is a lot of ‘em.

      A quick view of our yard lit up at night, Carter and Gavin both at play throughout, a card game at Papa’s birthday, morning snuggles with the boys, letters are improving, one of our evening walks, hanging at Grandmas, the best. find. ever. (both the Mikes and the chewbaca), & “WHAM POW!” toes (I always pick the color by the name and this was bright orange called “wham pow!”):August2013-1

      Selfie, Nikki, more morning snuggles, my new lens, playing with my new lens, trip to the zoo with Ava, dentist trip, hanging on the couch, Carter drew a small fish, funny faces, one of my dahlia’s, playing in the water before the incident, and meeting baby Indigo!


      Running the Columbia Winery 10K with Denise, photo walk with Chloe at Snoqualmie Falls, the Squinkie war that I randomly found set up on the floor, some goofy boys, more from an evening walk, and date night at the Seahawks game complete with a full moon, an awesome game, and the perfect venue to try my phones panorama out!


      Being silly with the boys, Carter pulled his socks up like an old man for our walk, more snuggles with the boys, breakfast at Woodinville café, dinner at Grandma’s with Nikki, our first rain in a LONG time, views of Seattle on my drive to soccer friday nights, drawing from Carter, the boys at breakfast at Hector’s (with cousin Melissa on her first trip back from college), my 11 mile run in the fog, and our first road trip!



      My favorite is Carter with his arms around Gavin. Both boys have such angelic smiles. It captures the essence of family.


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