This is by far my favorite time of year. I have already pulled the EIGHT BOXES of fall decorations out of my attic (I have no idea how it had grown to eight), all the bails of hay for the front porch, the scarecrows – honestly once everything is out it looks like Martha Stewart threw up all over my house. So this weekend is about channeling my inner-Martha.

      Oh and while the East Coasters are bracing against hurricanes, we had a tornado make its way through the inside of our house this week. It. Is. A. Wreck.  A WRECK. I am still behind on laundry from last week and likely have upwards of 10+ loads to complete. Not to mention the internal winds the blew everything everywhere – I honestly don’t know how things were strewn about to the degree they were.

      And with Autumn comes COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Huskies first game is tomorrow and Carter has been practicing throwing his full-sized football and yelling TOUCHDOWN with his arms in the air.

      Speaking of Carter, on Wednesday he counted to four all by himself and this morning counted from 6-10 all by himself. Apparently he does not like five, though he will give it to you if you ask.

      Our summer was so late in coming that it took me until almost the end of August to finally have enough dahlia’s to cut for the house. Enjoy!