We did some major Babies-R-Us shopping this weekend to get the handful of “essentials” that we will need for K2’s arrival (second kid, same sex = WAY EASY to prep for). One of the things that we also wanted to do was to get Carter a baby brother doll to start practicing with prior to the arrival of K2.

      I have to say, he did GREAT today when we brought the Baby out. He held his arms out while I gently put Baby in them and without any prompting from me, he bent over and kissed Baby’s cheek. We kept passing him back and forth so that he could see what I did with Baby and then he would mimic it (like rocking him back and forth). And we worked on saying, “Shhhh…it’s okay.” if Baby was crying.

      He did soooo great for about five minutes, when he got bored and hopped off the couch. I asked him if he was done with the Baby and he responded with, “Go Back.” I started laughing and asked him if we needed to take the Baby back and he said, “yes.” Ohhh this is going to be fun.

      In the meantime, our office is pretty much finished! It was a complete disaster for several weeks as we tried to move everything out of K2’s room (all my work clothes and misc stuff) and into our overcrowded office with with books we didn’t need and all sorts of stuff in the closet. We got rid of a TON of stuff and our office is finally cleaned up and ready for Jeremy or I to work out of it.

      Jeremy got the closet installed in K2’s room last weekend, so now I am starting to clean and sort through everything there. We need to paint in the next couple of weeks and find some artwork to put up on the walls and then we are calling it good. I have a boatload of laundry to do to get the 0-3 clothes/blankets/swaddles ready, but now that most of the major work is done, we are feeling pretty good.



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