On Wednesday the boys and I got to babysit Baby Gwen for the day and we had so much fun with her. I forgot how much a four month old slept. And spit up, haha. Both Carter and Gavin were incredible with her – Carter guarded her from Gavin getting too close (imagine arms and legs spread while he moved to block Gavin), they both helped try to make her smile and laugh as they ran around. Then they helped her through some tummy time, we sang the ABCs to her and counted for her – they would make awesome big brothers to a little sister. If only I would be guaranteed a girl. That slept. Annnnd that won’t happen…

      Both boys missed her the next day – Carter asked in the morning if Baby Gwen was coming back over for the day because he wanted to see her. When Gavin and I were at Costco shopping and a baby cried, Gavin kept looking all around saying, “Baby Gwen? Baby Gwen?” It was pretty stinkin’ cute!

      I took a handful of pictures during the day of her adventures with the boys.