I haven’t been blogging much these days – I am hoping to change that up this next month now that March Birthday Madness has come to a close. Sweet relief that there are no more birthdays coming up in my immediate household. Except mine. So that doesn’t count. Because I am done aging. Anyway…

      Spring in the Northwest is Painful. Yes, Painful with a capital P. We get a lot of rain. We get a lot of grey sky. It is hard when the trees are still bare and the garden flowers are just barely growing.  You tend to *need* to find sun around February/March/April around these parts in order to stay happy.

      Florida was our sunshine and happy place this year and I still have a bunch of photos that I need to edit & post. Now that we are done with March Birthday Madness and back to the rain, I finally have some time to go through them and thought I would post a few. Here are some fun ones from the date day/night that Jeremy and I had while on our trip.


      We got some wonderful coffee at the Tuckaway café. And some amazing bagel sandwiches. At the back side of the patio was this wonderful little stairway that felt like it led up into a jungle. So much fun with the sun poking through!

      Tuckaway Cafe

      Best sign EVER.



      This was a little alley that just begged to be photographed. I wonder what is behind all the doors? And oh the color … how I wish the Northwest could effectively pull off that kind of color.


      When you are the parents of small children, anything with Time Out in the title is worth a chuckle.


      Yes please, I would like to relax in the sun here!


      There was a bunch of really fun art on the buildings and then the main plaza through the downtown shops. We wandered around the shops and restaurants, enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Boy do I long to be back!


      Some day I will make this sign and hang it in the boys room!