<Late Week 3 on Project 52 Is Posted>

      This weekend was tough – Carter caught a cold and then sneezed basically in my mouth at one point (I knew, disgusting, welcome to parenthood).  Needless to say I have been battling a cold now since Saturday night.  That is why I am late on posting my Project 52 photo and why I am late posting about Carter turning 10 Old Months (Sunday was his 10-month birthday).

      At Little Gym today Carter learned how to put a ball through the basketball hoop!  They had short basketball hoops that the kids could play with and Carter sat there and kept making baskets!  We now need to get him one to play with at home – I can see this being loads of entertainment for him.

      To commemorate Carter’s 10 month birthday, here is a list of our favorite things:

      • Touchdown!!!  This last weekend we taught Carter to put his arms in the air when we yell “TOUCHDOWN!”  He is now officially ready for the Super Bowl!
      • Playing Tag & running – Carter and Daddy have a new game of tag where Carter chases Daddy through the kitchen or gets chased back.  What it has shown is that his speed is increasing enough to be considered running now.
      • Knowing exactly where the sensor is on the recycling bin we have out in the open.  It is taller than he is, but he reaches up to just the right spot to wave his hand across it so the lid opens.  Books & toys seem to always find their way in there…
      • Making crazy new noises (OOO-WAH!  BAH!  YAH!) & he is now clearly trying to communicate with us when something doesn’t go the way he wants it to, he needs help, etc.  Unfortunately that communication tends to come out in frustrated cries or whines.
      • Knowing what "ball" is and going and grabbing one when we ask him where the ball is.  He did this again last night & clearly you can see the wheels turning.
      • Indicating that he wants more or to do something again – Jeremy was throwing him in the air the other night and when he sat Carter down on the floor, Carter walked back up to Jeremy’s legs and grabbed on and looked up at him like, “I am not ready to be done with this game.  Who said we should stop?!?
      • Carter has an official belly laugh that is SO A-DOR-ABLE.
      • Now that he has found confidence with his legs, he is chasing Lucy around the kitchen laughing.  I see the beginnings of a beautiful friendship
      • Carter is finally giving hugs!  Granted they tend to be smashing his face into you, but he is now being demonstrative of affection
      • And with that, he has also started to be shy by turning his head and face into you when he is around strangers
      • I think our biggest breakthrough this month is that Carter doesn’t cry at Todd anymore!  The only time I have ever heard him practically hyperventilate is when Todd came over on Thanksgiving and he was so upset!
      • We now take Big Boy baths in the full size bathtub (loaded down with water toys) and Carter LOVES to splash!  After his bath we put a diaper on him and he does WWF in his crib with his blankets and stuffed animals.  Truly a site to behold.
      • And finally, Carter is starting to play with other kids.  Well, I should say that Carter is mauling other kids and learning how to be gentle, share, and play nicely :)



      LOL throughout your blog and again at the picture!