My husband is wonderful.

      This last week, the Pacific Northwest has been fairly stormy. On Christmas day, many people lost power and we had fun watching the tall trees behind our house as our lights flickered.  My wind gauge was four feet off the ground on my tomato house and our highest gust reading was only 12.5mph, so clearly it was not in a good spot. Since he knows I am such a weather geek, today my husband scaled a ladder to attach the wind gauge about 25 feet up on one of our trees in the backyard. While the set up isn’t perfect (wind coming from the North is blocked by the tree), it is WAY WAY WAY better than what I had before and I am soooo happy! (while looking at these photos, keep in mind Jeremy is around six feet tall).






      Impressive husband and impressive photos. My hubby cut down some trees for me today so I would have some fuel for burning on the massive stumps in my stump piles. Happy New Year!

      He was hoping he would fall off the ladder and end his misery. It had nothing to do with love.


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