I am about a week late in posting Halloween photos (sorry about that!).  We had a great time on Halloween – Carter did fabulously given that he didn’t take a nap from 2:30 until he fell asleep around 8:30.  No meltdowns, just one delirious little boy.  Though one new behavior emerged with delirious boy – when he is that tired, he is NOT gentle with other kids.  Baby Logan, Alec, and the twins all came over and Carter became "that kid" that whapped on others.  "GENTLE!!" was something we said a LOT and now we have a complex that our kid is a bully.

      The Trick-o-Treaters dramatically dropped off this year – I think we barely got around 50 total (normally we are in the triple-digits).

      Some notable things have been occurring this past week.  Last Sunday, Carter figured out how to navigate between large objects.  Up until this point, he would cruise along the ottoman, hit the corner and then stop.  He figured out how to maneuver the corner, then change hands to get to the couch, then walk along the couch to the swing, hang out at the swing, then go back again.  FAST. 

      He also now dances when he hears music.  Oh yeah, my kid has the beat!  Granted it is the "white mans" beat as he stands there and bounces up and down giggling.  He learned it from his father.

      His strength continues to amaze me.  This week he squatted down from a standing position to grab a toy and then straighten up.  No flopping down to the ground to get it, but an actual slow and deliberate squat (one that I don’t think I could do).

      And now November is here – Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and I AM NOT READY.  Hear that Mr. Gas Station that was playing CHRISTMAS MUSIC on Monday, November SECOND?!?!

      The Little Monkey Man

      Logan Hammin’ it up as a Little German boy

      Logan smiling for the camera!

      Carter Beating Up Alec

      Yeah, Alec wasn’t too happy about it.  Though he still looked ADORABLE!

      Carter’s friend Ava as a little bear

      And now we have chaos!  Carter with the twins, Dane & Nate

      And he FINALLY crashes…



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