No, it wasn’t because Carter stayed in bed all night and we had to wake him up at 7:30 before Gavin flipped out because he wanted to go downstairs.

      No, it wasn’t because the boys scored some really awesome gifts that included a Polar Express train going around our tree, beautiful wood big boy sleds for when we don’t get snow this winter (all because we have sleds now), a big wheel that is too big for both of them, and toys galore.

      No, it wasn’t because we had a wonderful Christmas Eve with the Halberts and Butlers (Jeremy’s side of the family) with good food, great company, and lots of fun.

      No, it isn’t because we are heading into Skorupa chaos very soon.

      It was because after waiting almost three years I FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY got it.


      Thank you SO MUCH Husband, I mean Santa, I mean, best guy ever, whoever you are!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I FINALLY GOT IT!!!!


      YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! And version 2, too!!! You’re never taking it off, that’s all I’m saying. CONGRATS!!!!!! :))))