What a busy weekend!  We had “birthday party – take two” with all of the neighborhood kids on Saturday and then Easter on Sunday. 

      Sadly I did not do any of the photography on either day – I ended up being part of the experience with Carter versus standing back and taking pictures.  Pro’s and Cons to this because I would have loved shooting the the party & Easter, but actually living it with Carter was so much better.  So thank you to the photographers (mainly my dad and brother Scott, who is supposed to send over some photos soon – hint hint).

      Carter got to eat two different cakes and LOVED them both.  He was curious, then fearless as he ended up taking a claw-like hand and diving in, getting cake all over himself, his highchair, the floor, and me.  It was awesome!  His party was a hit and pretty much everyone was able to make it.  Tons of kids and parents made me realize the importance of doing kid parties at a location that is not my house next time ;-)  That and stripping him down to his diaper for eating cake and a bath afterwards is very very smart.

      Right before Carter got sick, we went to the party store to pick up some themed plates, etc. for his birthday parties.  I was going to get a “Cars” theme, since that is the word that he can consistently say.  However we were in the aisle right by the Cars stuff, when Carter kept pointing and doing his “EHHH! EHH!” thing.  I turned and he was pointing to Thomas the Train.  Yup, he picked his own theme – pretty cool!!

      Easter Sunday was great – Carter actually did an Easter Egg hunt!  The Easter Bunny put crackers inside plastic eggs and hid them from the top of the stairs leading to the family room and then throughout the family room.  He totally got into it, cracking up each time he spotted an egg, then running for it to open it up.  I never in a million years thought I would be able to do an easter egg hunt with a kid that just turned one!  And this is just the beginning for how fun holidays will continue to be.

      Here are some photos (again, thanks everyone!)

      Mommy & Carter hanging out:


      Still not entirely sure of Uncle Todd (poor Todd):


      Oh Yeah – love the toys! (And I do look like Bugs Bunny)


      Me and my pal Domenic – we are figuring everything out together:


      Lemme at it! Lemme at it!


      Uh huh, this is what I am talking about!


      What the Easter Bunny brought this year (the Easter Bunny didn’t realize the frog had crazy eyes when he picked it out):


      Hanging out in the big boy recliner on Easter Sunday, watching the video daddy did of Carter’s first year:


      The Theme Carter Chose for his birthday: