After taking a couple of days at the beginning of the month to get myself organized, I went heads-down on completing the painting projects that carried over from last year and started on the bonus room. The first set of shots is before anything was done. Don’t mind my kids stuff all over the floor.

      The day after Christmas we had painters come and remove all our doors and closet doors and paint them white. Here are the shots with just that step complete.

      And then began all of my work. I started by sanding down all the trim (using a liquid sander – it is awesome) and priming. Then two coats of paint on the windows, the closet trim and all along the floor trim. The windows took forever – there was layer upon layer of trim that took detail work and a lot of patience. Thankfully I have podcasts or audio books to listen to. This process took me five days to complete, including balancing on the bannister to try to get to the top of the window casings. Here are some during and after photos – I cannot believe how much brighter this room is with the white trim and closet doors.

      After this came the painting. My lovely boys (husband included in this) thought it would be fun to throw those sticky toys that you are supposed to only throw at a window onto the ceiling. Now I have these strange red spots all over, so up next was painting the ceiling to get rid of it. Thankfully I was able to crank that out in an evening, though my arms weren’t so happy with me the next day.

      Next up was getting the walls done – because of all the cutting in that I needed to do with the ceiling, doorways and windows, and the balancing act between the ladder and bannister on the stairs, this ended up taking me about four days. Love the color and the change. Fifth day was spent doing touch up on the trim and painting the stairway railing black. I purchased a new media cabinet so that we didn’t have to hang the tv back on the wall – love this new piece of furniture. And this concludes this portion of my crazy house projects for January – now only the laundry room and powder room left!

      The other update this month was switching our kitchen hardware out to black and installing black faucets. Trying to tie in the grey/black/white theme across the house. Here is a quick before/after of what we got for the hardware and then shots of the new faucets.



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