There was an article this morning stating that this is one of the rainiest March’s on record. Really? REALLY? I have never in my life contemplated wanting to move, but let me tell you … I am seriously considering it. And that is after living my whole life here. If April doesn’t turn around, the suicide rate in Washington is going to sky rocket. We are all at a breaking point. I NEED SOME SUNSHINE AND WARMTH, K? OOOOOKKKKKKKK?!? Thaaaaanks.

      And I survived my first March full of birthdays. Well, technically last year was the first year, but since I was busy giving birth and all, it doesn’t really seem to count. It took me a full four days to recover after Carter’s party. And that wasn’t just because of the amount of wine that I had, I was exhausted from the planning, the prep, the execution, and the clean up from entertaining around 25 people. Two weeks in a row. TWO WEEKS IN A ROW. Stupid stellar fertility in June. I blame my husband. Just because it is easy.

      I am looking forward to April being a much more relaxed and easy going month. Even if we have every weekend scheduled out. It’s MY birthday month. I should get to celebrate it all month long, if only because I am the only estrogen source in our household. I blame that one on my husband too, but technically, that really is his fault.

      Okay, snarkiness aside, here is a fun photo of Carter and his pal Domenic (my best friend Denise’s eldest son). I have no idea what they are doing or talking about, but they sure are into it:Domenic_Carter-3211