One of the sweetest things about having two children fairly close in age is the hope that they will play together. Carter has been only a tiny interested in Gavin, because Gavin hasn’t really done a whole heck of a lot as a baby. That is rapidly changing now, however. Gavin is mobile, he loves his big brother, and he wants nothing more that to be right in the thick of it with Carter. Carter is struggling with this, because shoving Gavin away from him isn’t okay (yet, haha) and it is hard to communicate with someone who blows bubbles & happy-shrieks at you.

      We are now getting moments of joy with the two of them – the other night Carter asked to feed Gavin. Granted it lasted all of three minutes, but he wanted to be right there with his little brother. The other recent moment happened last night, when Carter decided it would be fun to start crawling around the kitchen and have Gavin chase him. Gavin cruised after Carter, laughing and squealing in delight as his big brother played with him. I am so sad we didn’t get photos or videos of it (the second I picked up my camera, Carter wanted to “see” what I took and stopped playing). It was truly wonderful to see the boys get along so well and I am really looking forward to watching their relationship with each other develop and grow.