So Friday we were supposed to get snow and my parents, who live only seven miles away, got about two inches on Friday night.  We got freezing rain and a tiny amount of snow.  So I had plans to get through 11 different cookie recipes with my mom on Saturday, with Christmas Carols playing in the background, it snowing outside – couldn’t be more festive than that!!  Saturday rolled around and … nuthin.  That is until about six that night :-)  It started snowing the leeeetle itty bitty flakes and the temperature hovered right around 33 degrees.  (Meanwhile, it started snowing at like 2 in the afternoon at my parents house – figures).  I got through 10 of the 11 recipes (whew!) and enjoyed the snow when it finally arrived, it was lovely outside.  We probably got around 1-2 inches during the night and the wind was blowing like crazy.  When I went to bed last night the temperature was around 30 degrees – when I got up this morning, it was 25 (low was 24.3).  I don’t think we are going to break 30 degrees today, which for this area is a rare occurrence.  Roads are completely icy – I almost bit the dust in our driveway when I went out to get the Sunday paper!

      Weather for the next 10 days is nutty.  Our highs are going to be in the 20s and lows will be in the teens – I am SO glad that Jeremy installed the vent-free gas fireplace in the family room this week.  If the power goes out, we have two fireplaces that can run and keep both sides of our house warm (the living room fireplaces heats up the upstairs really well, but doesn’t get to the back side of the house – the new fireplace will heat up the backside now!).  Best part is that I figured out how we could install the hood above the fireplace to keep the heat from going directly up to the plasma tv mounted there – all without drilling into the brick. :-)  My one claim to engineering smartness, I have to hold onto that for the next five years or so until the next one comes!

      Baby is now at Week 26 and I missed my opportunity to get into the next season of Deadwood, as s/he can REALLY hear well what is going on in the outside world (language in that show is, um, not something I want a child to hear).  I am getting bigger too, as the baby is weighing in at a pound and two-thirds and is 14 inches long.  I am also noticing that my energy level is starting to fall a bit.  I took about 25 minutes to dig up my geraniums and dahlia’s up front before the deep freeze hits – lots of bending, shoveling, and lifting, and I took a 2.5 hour nap afterwards.  Then I slept well that night, which is typically unheard of for me.  Stress at work is getting to an all new high here lately for me too, so I think the combination wiped me out.

      This next week should be interesting – there is a possibility of more snow on Wednesday and Thursday, so of course I will be watching that like a hawk :-)  Right now we are scheduled to go to the cabin this weekend, but the high during the day is 11 degrees, so I don’t know if I want to brave that (not to mention that I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping).  The lake is starting to freeze over a bit now and they FINALLY got snow (about 10 inches on friday).  I will keep everyone posted on all the weather craziness as the week progresses!