So I am finally getting to some of the photos I took right when we moved in. I am sorry things are so delayed, but chasing two kids, trying to unpack, and get our yard put in has left me very little time. I keep daydreaming of a time where I can just putter in the yard. Or just relax while doing some photo work. Yeah… I am not holding my breath.

      Here is one of our many bunny residents. When we first moved in, the bunnies would often times come right up to the patio to hang out and eat some grass. Since we are out in the yard more, they aren’t quite as brave anymore. Although we do have a baby bunny that is eating all my veggies that doesn’t really care if we are there or not. Today he hung out about five feet from Grandma and I as we finished up some planting.



      Here is the baby bunny – it is hard to tell, but he is a lot smaller:



      And yes, you did read that correctly – the yard is FINALLY done! I finished planting the last of the wave petunias and impatiens today. The last 4 dozen plants have just been hanging out on our deck, waiting for their final home. And they are now there, HUGE sigh of relief to know that is now done!