Last night was an eventful night.  I decided to try some different recipes and was making a chili beef stir fry that used noodles.  While I was cooking the meat, the water was boiling, and I looked up and realized I didn’t move the candle that was sitting next to the burner.  There was red wax dripping all over the stove.  CRAP.  I grab a paper towel to throw down on the wax to try to prevent it from dripping into the vent on the stove.  Jeremy was sitting close by and I hear this, “UHHHHHHH!!!!!”  The paper towel caught fire.  Of course I scream like a little girl and fling it to the side before getting my wits about me to put it in the sink and extinguish the flame.  I got some serious raised eyebrows from Jeremy over the whole thing. 

      But it doesn’t stop there.  We have little metal covers that we put over our burners on the stove when they are not in use.  Normally I am sane and take all of them off before cooking anything.  Last night however, was clearly not my night for thinking well.  I only took off the big burner covers, but not the small ones and then I needed to put a hot pot on a little burner, so I GRABBED THE METAL COVER that was RIGHT NEXT TO the hot burner.  I screamed like a grown up girl this time with a few other choice words thrown in.  Dinner better be good at this point.

      And then it happened.  The final moment where I take the sautéed beef, toss it with the pasta and coat it with the final vinegar/oil combo.  A new meal for us to enjoy.  This is going to be great!

      The vinegar was  bad.

      Kill me now.  Oh wait, I already tried. Twice. 


      You are quite the entertaining writer to be able to turn a rough night into a laughable story.