This last Saturday we had Nana, Papa, Uncle Chip, Aunt Sandy, and cousins Chase, Chloe, and Charley over for a BBQ to enjoy the backyard and to catch up. Figuring a simple meal was the best route with this many people, we decided that hamburgers would be perfect.

      The way our backyard is set up, the bbq is under a very small eve next to the kitchen window to help protect it from the rain for the majority of the year, and also to tuck it out of the way when it is not in use.  In the summer time, I have a lovely hanging basket from this same eve, a good three to four feet above the area where a bbq is stored.

      Now let me tell you about my husband.  He is notorious for making fires so strong that they bust the glass in front of the fireplace.  I believe he had to replace two glass fronts in his old house – thankfully we installed remote controlled gas fireplaces in our house.  I am still a little scared for the cabin.

      Jeremy is the BBQ man of the house and with 11 burgers on the grill I guess there are some serious flames that can result.  As we are all sitting around the patio table chatting, someone finally notices the flames that are starting to rise within the plant of my hanging basket.  OH, and are those flames that are now coming out the side of it?!? I am sure it didn’t take that long, but it took what seemed like an eternity for Jeremy to grab the hose (which was RIGHT next to the bbq) and extinguish the flame in the basket.  But then he caught it on fire again.  And then after that, the poor basket sat smoking for quite some time.  I can’t believe he caught my plant on fire.




      So what did you tell the officer about about the Halbert’s smoking pot?