This week has flown by and I honestly don’t know where I am going to get the time to pull everything together for the cabin this weekend.  Let’s see… Sunday we had a bbq with the neighborhood folks who all have kids within 3 years of each other.  It was a great way for the dad’s to finally meet each other & we completely enjoyed it.

      Tuesday was by far the busiest day – I had a dentist appointment in Redmond, so I grabbed grandma early in the morning and we headed to Bellevue Square for some back-to-work shopping.  I ended up going to the MAC counter at Nordstrom’s and purchased a whole new face.  Yes, I say that because I look like a whole new person!  Hopefully this will camouflage all the dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep once I go back.  After that, we headed to Macy’s and I ended up being helped by a personal shopper!  It was awesome – she had her own dressing room and after chatting with me a bit, she ran around and found a whole bunch of clothes for me to try on.  I ended up getting a several pairs of pants on a killer sale (um, $13 Ralph Lauren slacks… holy cow!) and the best part of the whole shopping trip was that I discovered I dropped another size!  Yay for all the running!

      Since I now had a new partial wardrobe, I needed to clean out the spare room closet where I had been keeping all my work clothes, piling up my old maternity clothes, and the box of 0-3 month baby clothes.  After putting Carter down for the night, I set to work… I re-tried all my old clothes on and either kept them or abandoned ship and I ended up with about 7 garbage bags full of stuff to donate (this also included old towels/blankets/sheets too).  I boxed up the maternity clothes (YAY!  Goodbye big stuff!!) and almost cried at how small the 0-3 month clothes for Carter were and how big he is now!  And since I was cleaning out closets, I decided to hit my main closet as well and got rid of a bunch more stuff in there too.  So one of the major tasks on my list is now complete – you can finally see the bed in the spare room and my closets are now completely organized!

      Friday we are heading up to the cabin for a week & a vacation with Daddy finally!  We had decided early on that Jeremy would take some time off later in the summer instead of right after Carter was born, because it would be more fun for him then.  So we are heading up for the second annual Goose Creek week with Mark, Kim, and the kids.  Grandma and Grandpa are coming up later in the week and Ian and Todd will be there when we arrive on Friday.  We will likely have folks popping in and out (Jake, Jeni, & the kids, as well as Nathan, are all coming up mid-week too), so it should be a lot of fun!  But that means I now have a day and a half to figure out what to pack, what food we need to buy, and all that fun stuff.  The week will be a lot of fun though, we are really looking forward to it!


      hahaha this is me now, I’ve figured out WHAT to take, but now I need to figure out how to package it all up to get into the car!