Super quick update while Jeremy is putting Carter in a swaddle before his last feed this evening…  Monday was awesome at Straddleline – I did great on the 150, minus the crash I had at the end of my run.  I am fine and was stupid by hitting my front brake accidentally as I was rounding a banked corner.  My whole left leg is bruised and ugly, but heck, it’s my trophy for being back out there ;-) 

      All day Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday … the joys of not being tied to a calendar!  We had painfully hot weather this last week, so Carter and I spent quite a bit of time at Grandma’s since she has air conditioning.  Thursday night looked like a tornado was going to hit as a frontal system rushed in bringing some crazy wind.  Literally dropped 20 degrees in like 2-3 hours.  I walked to Starbucks twice this week with the neighborhood moms, which was a lot of fun.  I am really enjoying my new friends, not to mention it will be great for when the boys get older!

      We were at the cabin this weekend for an owners weekend doing maintenance.  Carter is a great traveler right now because he zonks out the entire car ride.  We will enjoy that while we can!  We had a lot of fun with the Sutton’s.