Poor Gavin – if it isn’t one thing, it is another. We called the pediatrician yesterday because Gavin hadn’t had a bowel movement in two days (usually kids go once a day or more). When I was on the phone with the nurse, I told her that his tongue also had a yellow film on it occasionally. Next thing I know, the yellow tongue made it sound like he has thrush and I needed to bring him in the next day.

      Fast forward to today, where I had an 11:30 appointment to get everything checked out. The ped was running 40 minutes late, so I asked to go to a back room to nurse and boy am I glad I did. When the doctor finally saw us, she showed us how to massage his belly and instructed us to give him a tiny bit of prune juice to get things going (apparently this is a side effect of formula). The inside of his mouth looked fine, but we need to clean it out twice a day. I also asked her to check his clavicle and she took a quick look and asked me to take him upstairs to get him x-rayed again. What I thought was swollen was actually calcium build up that was bigger than what she wanted to see.

      So off I went upstairs to a clinic that would xray him. And there we sat. And sat. And sat. We were there over an hour and a half before they were able to get to us, and in the meantime I had to fight off a crazy lady in the waiting room who wanted to talk to me. I am sure she was very nice, but she was completely random (“I raised three of my kids in South America.” “I know what causes ADD – it is all those baby shots they give.” HUH?!?). After staring a Gavin for about 20 minutes and not engaging her in conversation and then finally paying attention to my phone, she finally was called in back and I was left in peace.

      After Gavin’s xray, we had to go back to the pediatricians to get it read, but they had computer issues and I was finally sent home. Three hours later.

      The pediatrician finally called around six o’clock and let us know that the lump on Gavin’s shoulder was actually a calcium cocoon that your body creates in order to stabilize and grow bone. We still have to keep his arm pinned down for at least two weeks and it could be 6 months to over a year before the calcium cocoon would go away. Also his left collar bone could end up shorter than his right. In some circumstances it is noticeable because he is growing so much right now, but it shouldn’t impact anything long term.

      So after a nice and stressful 24 hours, we are finally all good. His circumcision site is completely healed, his belly button fell off, but there is still a little more to heal up, he finally had 3 bowel movements today after his appointment, he doesn’t have thrush, and things are still moving along with healing his clavicle.

      All this in 11 days.