Yes, that is right, I cannot move without feeling every muscle in me ache.  The tournament this weekend was a lot of fun – we tied two games and lost another (we really should have won all three), so we didn’t make it very far.  I haven’t played outdoor soccer in about two years and have only played indoor since having Carter.  Um, the fields are a LOT bigger in outdoor and the games are longer, so it is safe to say that I ran more in the last two days than I have in well over a year!  Also to add to my list of pain – my big toe is bruised.  Not just a little bruise, but the whole entire toenail has blood under it and as Denise said, “It carries it’s own heartbeat.”  Oh, and the blisters that showed up on my feet too … good thing I have an indoor game tonight as well. (Yes, I am crying now)

      BTW – Denise was the best pick up we could have hoped for in the tournament.  She played sweeper and is so incredibly quick that no one could get by her!  I am so glad that she played with us, it saved our cookies many times and she did great.  (I also know that when she reads this, she is going to disagree vehemently with me, but the beauty of writing this is that she can’t talk back ;-)  Heeheee.

      This week is going to be nuts – we are FINALLY home without any plans and the weather is going to be in the upper 80s and even into the 90s at times.  I think we are going to all melt.


      Sounds like you had a great time! Where’s my baby?!?!