While Carter still isn’t technically six yet, we scheduled his birthday party at Gymnastics Connection for the weekend before his birthday. The venue was at the recommendation of my friend Kelly, whose older son had attended a party there and had a blast. And we cannot thank her enough for it – the kids had SO much fun on an obstacle course, trampoline, rings and bars. All of them were red faced and smiling while we wore them out with all the activity. And the moms were so fantastic with helping once the time came for food & cupcakes (huge shout out of thanks to all these awesome ladies!).

      Jeremy had to pull a late night at work last night and was able to work on the video in the background during his conference calls. He is much speedier than I am at processing things and getting them out! I took a ton of photos and will get to them as soon as I can as well.

      Without further ado – Here is Carter’s Sixth Birthday Party!