There has been some radio silence around here the last few weeks. I ended up getting a nasty fever that took me out a couple of days about two weeks ago, so it was pretty much a week of nothing as I got sick, was sick, then recovered. Last weekend I painted our master bedroom finally, so that took me out for a few days for prep, painting, and then clean up (photos will be posted soon). Then the rest of the week was shot with house clean up after ALL the boys were left unattended for the weekend, haha. Needless to say, I didn’t pick up my camera until yesterday and just got a couple of quick snaps of the boys playing and being funny.

      We are now in March – that means March Birthday Madness for us around here since we have Jeremy, Gavin, and Carter within ten days. That doesn’t even include extended family – Grandma Weber, cousins Chloe and Melissa, Marcello, and Uncle Norm. Things are busy to say the least! But this year should be really fun – Carter is really excited, planning out what he wants for his birthday (um, it’s all about star wars legos, especially the Death Star … Yeah no). Gavin doesn’t really know what’s going on, so we need to work on that.

      I started running again, training for my half marathon in Vancouver in May. My knee is doing okay. Any hills end up bothering it pretty bad (as well as the ladder from painting), so I am trying to go slow. I won’t be breaking any PRs for this half, I will be happy if I can run it at a 10 min/mile pace. It is so sad though because I was clocking 8 min/miles last fall before my body fell apart. Ah well, gotta start it over! It feels great to finally run. Well, it feels great AFTER the run, not so much getting it done! I also played soccer a handful of times and am slowly getting things back to normal. First game all I did was one or two touch passing, next game I started making a few more moves/dribbling the ball more, next game I took a couple of shots, so I am slowly adding in what I attempt. I am sure I am prolonging my recovery with starting everything too soon, but whatever. I needed to get moving.

      The boys are growing and changing like crazy – I will save up some stories for later posts, but they are having so much fun together now. This was the time I was waiting for – when they were old enough to play together and where I didn’t have to watch them like a hawk. Now I just intervene when there is bodily harm, they get to figure it out on their own. This is the best phase yet!

      And on that note – here are the boys clowning around yesterday. Gavin and those goggles, he was so funny. Carter had to join in the action too, and I cannot seem to get a photo of him without some crazy face going on!