While I have been taking photos every day to make sure that I am sticking with my 365 Project, I am finding I am posting less frequently because I am waiting for that final weekly post. So I had a little bit of time in the evening while the kids were trying to fall asleep and I started the cumbersome delete/tag/file process of my workflow. Basically get rid of anything that wouldn’t be considered a keeper, tag the people/places in the photo, then rename the folder so I know I have gone through it. Even though I only show one photo for the day, there are still a bunch that I have taken that are worth sharing. Through this process I also realized I never posted the photos from Carter’s second T-Ball game (the first one I got to see), so there are a bunch from that. So here we go!


      Here are the boys from our trip to Woodland Park Zoo in April. LOVE Gavin in this one:

      Ta-Da before bed time. I can guarantee he probably wasn’t that happy following this (why do my kids hate bedtime so much?!?):
      First hit of the game!

      Daddy giving pointers on how to play catcher. Him in the gear KILLS me!
      Playing pitcher means having to catch and throw the ball a lot – Carter did great!
      Sometimes goofy faces are a necessary thing around here:
      Carter checking out Teacher Andrea’s find at the beach on their last field trip of the year:
      It wouldn’t be Seattle if there wasn’t a ferry somewhere…
      And this is what I need to think of when this little guy is driving me nutso. He is so sweet and cute and lovable – when he is asleep, lolol!



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