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      10 on 10 – December I can’t believe we are finally at the year end and at the final 10 on 10. This year went by incredibly fast and each month it was fun to sit and plan ... READ MORE 10 on 10 – November With doing the Month Of Gratitude, I completely forgot about 10 on 10! So, here we are with it being the 11th and I was trying to think of something f... READ MORE 10 on 10 – October I am a little late with this post – I was planning on doing the 10 on 10 photos in Leavenworth last weekend, but since I couldn’t move, it wasn’t goin... READ MORE 10 on 10 – September September was all about firsts in this first week. Our first road trip, Carter’s first day at Pre-K, and the boys first swim lesson. I already inundat... READ MORE 10 on 10 – August Most of my 10 on 10 spots have been event focused, so this month I decided to pick more of an every day occurrence instead. We recently decided to sta... READ MORE 10 on 10 – July July’s installment is all about the fourth of July! We took the ferry from Edmonds to a little town called Kingston and met Jeremy’s brother Chip, San... READ MORE 10 on 10 – June This month I was traveling on the 10th and well, I just can’t ever seem to make a post on time these days. For June’s installment, Jeremy and I took a... READ MORE 10 on 10 – May We spend a lot of time with Legos, so I thought a good 10 on 10 idea would be to catch Carter in action. He builds out every set that he receives, but... READ MORE 10 on 10 – April In this month’s 10 on 10, I captured a daddy-son project. We are doing a lot of work to our garden this spring (photos and more details to come), and ... READ MORE 10 on 10 – March Well, more like 37 on 24 … this month’s installment is Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays Galore! Yesterday we had my side of the family over to celebra... READ MORE