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      Carter Is Eight Old Years Eight. I am struggling with that number, you see, because there is no way it has been eight years since you were born. Your dad realized over the w... READ MORE Gavin Is Six Old Years Six years ago today you made your grand entrance. You are our gift for the first day of Spring. Your Uncle Mark told me that I should probably thin... READ MORE December Snow Day We have been getting a lot of weather reports around here where nothing has materialized. It is hard to live in this area of the country and have any ... READ MORE 2016 Octography | Days 15-21 Week 3 - more photos came from my phone as I was out and about, so the quality on some of these is meh. But something was captured! October 15th Fal... READ MORE 2016 Octography | Days 8-14 Ahhhh Week 2 - it's always the second week that can be a challenge, but I was on it! Make sure you follow my niece's progress over on her blog as well... READ MORE Are You Ready For Some Football? An early Seahawks game meant we had the afternoon to play outside. It was a gorgeous October day, so the boys decided to do a little football game. Je... READ MORE How is the summer already over? First off, it has been FOREVER since I have blogged. I finished up my 365 project (feel free to click the previous post links below to see the last fe... READ MORE 365 of 365 | My Imperfectly Perfect Life April 28, 2016 GOODBYE THIRTIES! And tomorrow another adventure begins ... a milestone is hit, a decade is lost and there is a new one to look for... READ MORE 364 of 365 | My Imperfectly Perfect Life April 27, 2016 We had to get out of the house for a little while since Gavin can't go to school, so we headed down to see Grandma and Grandpa. It was... READ MORE 363 of 365 | My Imperfectly Perfect Life April 26, 2015 Words can't describe how cute she is. And she just lounged on me to fall asleep like this... READ MORE