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      @#*!!! Weather People. I hit publish when a new version of our forecast came out, taking away my beautiful 75 degrees on Thursday and replacing it with 64 degrees. I am stil... READ MORE Hell Is Freezing Over … … because this is too good to be true. Our local weather-guru Cliff Mass claims that our spring will not be like the last two (which were cold and wet... READ MORE Well Hello New Friends… I had my second follow up appointment for my knee this last week and my doctor informed me that by mid March I would be ready to resume all normal act... READ MORE Test Post From My Brothers New Surface Here is  test photo from the new wordpress app within windows 8 for surface. Maybe Santa will be nice to me this year?   READ MORE And It Begins This weekend we stayed at a cabin in Mt. Hood so we could take the kids on the Polar Express train. The boys shared a room and we put the video monito... READ MORE Homemade Pumpkin Pie Cooling down for tomorrow's feast. Hard to tell, but I cut out maple leaves and lined the crust. That is as Martha as I am getting this Thanksgiving! READ MORE Morning Run That would be the moon lighting my way for my dawn run. It almost makes the ten miles I have bearable. But not really... Not sure if the photo will p... READ MORE Man Down! Carter dropped his naps since January and today we have been treated to the rare occurrence of him sleeping. Good thing I have a soccer game tonight a... READ MORE Buh-Bye Bottles A one year old doesn't need bottles anymore - we have moved to milk in a sippy cup. MY BABY IS GROWING TOO FAST!!! Sorry, sometimes it hits me. READ MORE Snow. Again. Gavin's first birthday party is this afternoon and this is what we woke up to. Biggest, fattest flakes I have ever seen. READ MORE