The last two days have felt like fall is trying to move in. Our temperatures have been in the low to mid 60s and the clouds are back. Thankfully we haven’t had any rain, but my garden sure would like it (I am scared of our water bill). While Autumn is my favorite season, I would still really like to see about three more weeks of summer since ours didn’t arrive until well into July.

      Speaking of Autumn, it isn’t getting light now until around six in the morning, which is pushing my run schedule back. I start on a trail that is covered by trees, so it is really dark in the early dawn and I have to be careful. So far I have seen both a bobcat and a coyote on the trails – the bobcat scared the crap out of me and I read in the paper there is one around here, so I wasn’t hallucinating a giant cat with a long tail. The coyote I have seen before in the same spot, so he wasn’t really a surprise. Oh and the bunnies … lots and lots of bunnies out for an early breakfast.

      Another change – I got a new haircut. Time before this I cut about 3 inches off and had it in a longer inverted bob so I could pull the front out of my face. This time my stylist added a lot more layers, softening it where it frames my face. So far I really like it! It’s short enough to force me to take 10 minutes every day to blow dry it and actually look like a grown up. The photos are from right after having it done – I am still trying to figure out the whole blow dry/style technique.

      (And pardon my crappy self-portraits – I was in a hurry, the lighting was low and I didn’t have time to run and grab my flash).



      I accidently put my comment on your prior post.


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