This last week, Carter started telling Jeremy and I about Chauncy. When we started to ask more questions about who or what Chauncy is, we found ourselves winding a meandering path of discovery around Carter’s new imaginary friend. We have NO idea how he came up with that name, but I have to give him a load of credit for being super creative and original. Chauncy started off as a boy AND a girl, but then eventually narrowed to just a girl. In the evenings, she had to go home to her house and when we asked where that was, we were told “She lives at 30-40” (Carter has been practicing counting by tens). She isn’t around all the time, but she does pop up here and there.

      And you can bet we are totally enjoying this phase.

      Here is our little imaginator hard at work trying to be serious, but I finally am able to get him to break a smile. And I am so in love with those big blue eyes.





      I absolutely love the photo with the little closed mouth smile. It is adorable.

      Chauncy! What a fantastic friend name!