Here is a short video compiling all the photos for Christmas day (actual photos are below if you don’t want to watch the video & there are a few extra I couldn’t fit into the video). I am going to start doing more videos of any large group of photos that I take because we discovered “Couch” mode on Vimeo when we play it through the xbox. It basically will play all the videos we upload continuously, so it is like having a high production slide show that we can put on any time we have family gatherings. Ideally over the next year we have a bunch of them, so I hope you enjoy them as Jeremy and I create them (I will start posting all the short videos Jeremy does with the GoPro as well).

      We had an absolute blast on Christmas day – it was so much fun, it was loud, the kids were in heaven with all their cousins, presents and treats to eat. We thoroughly enjoyed the time with family and it was one of the nicest Christmas’s I can remember. It has been a rough couple of days following it while we try to get back into our normal routine again.