Ahh the endless volume of photos from the last two weeks of the year. I have been trying to pick away at editing these so that we have our memories documented here. And I have struggled, pondering why I do this. But there are countless times over the years that I have gone and looked nostalgically at Christmas past and smiled at the warmth it put in my heart. So while I may slog through it now, I know it is for later. Later when I need that warmth.

      This Christmas Eve was hosted at our home. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to start making the cinnamon rolls and nut rolls that had filled my childhood. It was my first attempt at them and they turned out wonderfully, justice was done to my memory.

      The boys opened their last lego from their advent calendars – a Santa for both of them, one of the Star Wars variety, one that was just plain cute.

      Carter lost his second tooth early that morning. That meant that our house was going to be quite busy that night, what with Santa AND the tooth fairy visiting.

      Papa decked Nana out with all she needed to start cutting down her own trees. People in Gig Harbor better watch out!

      Card games were played, movies were watched, white elephant gifts were handed out, art was created. Brunch was served and presents were finally opened.

      We dressed up in our elf PJs to hear “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” there was a photo bomb, the little ones yawned, then happily skipped off to bed where they stayed. One of the two days of the year where that happens. Plus I think those elf PJs will be groaned over in the teenage years “Why did you make us where THOSE?” This is one of those true joys of parenthood ;-)

      Family said good night and headed home, Santa visited, and Daddy and I got to relax with a glass of wine, a Christmas movie, and a sigh that everything was done. And curious what time they would wake us in the morning.

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