Gavin is asleep so I am trying to get a bunch of photos processed and posted. Christmas Eve and Christmas day were a lot of fun – busy, crazy, and chaotic, but fun. The boys had a great time, were completely exhausted, and now have an army of new toys to play with. Time for me to clean out the play room to make room for the new stuff.

      We had Nana and Papa over for brunch and then we headed over to Uncle Scott and Auntie Kim’s for dinner. The day flew by and as seen below, there were presents, and cuteness, and even some tears (because what kid doesn’t melt down at least once on Christmas Eve). I hope you enjoy!







      Uncle Scott tried to end the evening with reading a Charlie Brown Christmas to Carter on his Kindle. Carter just wanted to push the buttons, classic.



      Thank you again for the lovely brunch and family time. The photos turned out great as usual. I especially like the one where i am kissing Gavin on the forehead. Merry Christmas.


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