Sorry for the late post this week – the weekend was crazy busy with all sorts of holiday cheer and work has been beyond busy.  Our second annual Halbert Christmas party was a great success!  A few newcomers this year (*ahem Jake & Nathan*) kept the evening entertaining and fun.  We loved getting our family and friends together to kick off the holiday season and thanks to everyone who came!  Unfortunately I completely forgot to take photos throughout the night, so you will just have to trust me that Mark "wet" his pants at one point (sure sure … that was beer … riiiiiight), Linda reenacted with vehemence AND pointing a strong finger at Jake because he needs to be careful with her family while out riding motorcycles, and Santa Todd’s appearance was short lived because beards are just too darn hot to wear all night (not to mention it is hard to enjoy your beer through it).  All the kids had a great time pretending they were the Polar Express (Domenic and Lily joined in when they could!) and then we got them crowded around a table playing "Bang!" later in the evening and they didn’t want to stop :-)  All in all, a great evening!

      This week I am at week 25 and the little guy (or girl!) is 13.5 inches long and weighs in at a pound and a half.  The baby is really starting to pack a punch now too, as Monday night I was having dinner with my parents when it was moving around … I grabbed my dad’s hand and placed it where I was feeling the kicking and apparently my dad presses a bit harder than Jeremy or I and the baby didn’t like that – he got whacked back in the strongest kick I have felt so far!  It was a little disconcerting to both of us, but fun nonetheless :-)  The past couple of days have been active ones for the little guy, so it has been reassuring that everything is progressing along nicely!

      I am particularly excited about this weekend as there is SNOW in the forecast!!!  I missed my calling as "weather girl" and tend to stalk the National Weather Service pages about this time of year in hopes of getting snow in the lowlands.  It is still too early to know if we will get accumulations and a lot of it will be determined by the timing of the arctic air’s arrival with the precipitation, but it is just exciting to see the possibility in the forecast :)  Fingers crossed and I am baking Christmas cookies on Saturday to celebrate!