Here is a link to the slideshow of our entire December that I created (it is a PDF and you will need to click on the “download” link).  It is a mix of snapshots taken with our little point and shoot and then photos with my Canon.  It takes you through our Santa Photos, picking out our Christmas Tree, prepping for the Christmas Party, the Party, then Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.  Lots of fun stuff.

      So, the Life Changing Events – again, quite a title that probably makes people wonder what in the world could be happening that would warrant such a mention?  This week we are getting our sprinkler system installed.  Why is this life changing you ask?  It now means that I do not have to water for up to TWO HOURS A DAY in the summer time.  Sadly, I am not exaggerating – when we had the super hot weather I was out there twice a day dumping water on all my plants so they didn’t melt.  Normal days take at least an hour.  Oh, and our neighbors act like they aren’t home when they know we are heading to the cabin for the weekend and I head over to ask if they would mind helping – they don’t want to deal with that time commitment either!  So yes, this is life changing!

      Here are a couple of my favorite photos from within the slide show (if people don’t feel like opening the PDF).

      A Nicer Crop

      Goofy Smiler

      Daddy and His Boy 

      And Now Trying To Get The Garland



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