Jeremy had friday off of work this week so we went on our Great Christmas Tree Hunt. We picked Carter up from school and headed out to Stocker Farms on a crisp cold but sunny day. There was frost and ice everywhere – I think it was only in the 20s and the wind was blowing, so we didn’t last long on the hunt before melt downs ensued. At one point I heard Gavin screaming and I couldn’t see him, when I came around the trees that were blocking him, Jeremy informed me that when he turned around, Gavin’s pants had fallen to his ankles (so much for putting on his warmer, but bigger pants). I don’t blame him for standing there and screaming – it was COLD!

      Here are the handful of shots that I grabbed before we had to haul the kids back to the car quickly. We ended up with a bit of a Charlie Brown tree that you will get to see in a later post.



      Fabulous job with these pics! Feel like I was there! Great moments, love love.